Mohindra College, Patiala

Certificate of Compliance, Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala

Maharaja Mohinder Singh

Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala, is a gift of H. H. Maharaja Mohinder Singh (1852-76) of Patiala to his subjects. He ascended the throne of Patiala in 1862 when he was only ten. Educationally, Patiala was rather impoverished and H. H. Maharaja Mohinder Singh brought education, in the form of Mohindra College to Patiala. He invited His Excellency Lord Northbrook, the then Viceroy of India to lay the foundation stone of the College building on 30th March, 1875. The building was completed in about ten years and on March 17, 1884, Lord Ripon, Vice Roy of India at that time, performed the opening ceremony of the College. Lord Ripon hailed the grand College building as ‘magnificent architectural monument’ in his speech and praised Maharaj Mohinder Singh for his generosity. According to the original plan, the building of Mohindra College was to be double the size than what it is at present. There were to be four towers around a courtyard. However, the College now has two towers and a courtyard known as ‘the quadrangle.’ The College building is a beautiful blend of the Gothic, Roman, Mughal and Indian architectural styles.
At the time of its inception, it was the only institution of its kind from Delhi to Lahore. Initially it was intended to impart education in Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic, the teaching of English and Mathematics was added shortly afterwards and the College was affiliated to Calcutta University.
Intermediate classes were started in 1880 and in 1887 in commemoration of the 50th year of the reign of Queen Victoria, the College was raised to the B.A. standard of Punjab University. Postgraduation in Mathematics was started in 1912. F. Sc. Classes were started in 1920 and Postgraduation in philosophy was introduced in 1922.
Till about 1930s no fee was charged from the students who sought education in the College. But the economic depression of the 1930s necessitated charging of nominal fees from students who were not state subjects. However, the exemption in fees given to state subjects was also abolished after some time.
In 1962, the College was affiliated to Punjabi University, Patiala.
For its various achievements in the academic, cultural and sports fields, the College has maintained its premier position.
The College was the first Govt. College in Punjab to be assessed and accredited by the NAAC in 2002 and was awarded A+ Grade.
The College received the coveted status of College with Potential for Excellence in 2006.
At present the College imparts education in Post graduate courses in English, Punjabi, Hindi, History, Economics, Political Science, Geography and M. Sc. Information Technology.
The College offers specialized under graduate Hon’s School Courses in English, Political Science, Economics and History.
The College offers six job-oriented UGC sponsored Add-On courses also.